Why do public and private healthcare need us?

Patients waiting to be treated at the hospital

The need to use standard vocabularies is vital for the communication and integration of health information. However, health entities generally use their own idiosyncratic terminology and coding which makes communication between them difficult. The use of a common standard terminology allows the exchange of clinical data between independent systems with the intention of improving patient care and facilitating research activities.

With our licensed ORBITS SaaS platform, encoding information in different clinical terminologies is simple and enables semantic interoperability between various public and private health entities, as well as other sectors.


Why standardize the information?

What does the patient get?

Thanks to the codification of the information, the patient will always have his/her medical history that can be shared with other entities without worries, with access to it in real time, which improves his/her experience and consolidates his/her loyalty to his/her health provider.

What do public and private health entities get?

A great benefit in the cost reduction and operation time, since errors of interpretation and duplication of information are avoided, as well as facilitating access to information.