Why do pharmaceutical companies need us?

Pharmacists adopting standard terminologiesWe structure Real World Data (RWD) data generated in the healthcare and biomedical R+D fields or other sectors with globally adopted terminology standards (LOINC, SNOMED CT, ICD-10MC/PCS) to make Real World Evidence (RWE) possible.

RWD or real-world data, is data related to a patient’s health status and/or health care delivery that is routinely collected from a variety of sources. RWE is the clinical evidence on the use and possible benefits or risks of a medical product derived from the analysis of RWD.

All of this is possible with our ORBITS platform.


Examples of RWD include:

  • Data derived from medical records
  • Billing data for medical acts
  • Product and disease record data; patient-generated data, including data from home care with medical devices
  • Data collected from other sources that can report on health status, such as mobile devices.

RWD sources can be used for data collection and to develop an analysis infrastructure that supports many types of study designs in order to develop RWE:

  • Randomized trials (large single trials, pragmatic clinical trials
  • Observational studies prospective or retrospective).

Why standardize the information in Pharmaceutical?