How Can We Help You?

We offer modular and complementary services that accompany you from start to finish in your project. Our expert team in computer science, clinical laboratory and more clinical specialties, is highly qualified to solve your needs and guide you in the implementation of projects to transform clinical data into computable information through international standard terminology codes.


Assignment of a standard code to a natural language text. Through this service, the elements of your catalogs and local lists such as Laboratory Catalogues, Radiology Catalogues, Lists of Health Problems, among others, will beCodificación terminologías clínicas linked to the equivalent standard code of the corresponding terminology.

The standard terminologies and vocabularies available are:

  • LOINC applicable to the domains of Laboratory, Radiology, Biometric and Clinical Variables
  • ICD10MC 7 ICD10PCS for the identification of Diagnoses and Procedures involved in care episodes
  • SNOMED CT aimed at identifying clinical concepts to their fullest extent
  • ORPHA is a multilingual, standardized, controlled medical terminology specific to rare diseases
  • HPO provides a standardized vocabulary of phenotypic abnormalities encountered in human disease

The usual operation consists of receiving a text file with the elements to be coded that we load into our platform where the algorithms of the coding engine will assign each element the equivalent standard code.

Study and solution of problems related to terminology.

Consultancy for transformation of clinical terms

Our experts will help you identify the best solutions at every stage of terminology adoption:

  • Change management focused on the terminologies standardization.
  • Terminology content and resources comparison
  • Terminologies selection according to the expected use in each clinical domain/li>
  • Criteria establishment for the governance and the terminologies editorial policy

Training of teams in several disciplines.

Training in the use of clinical terminology standards

BITAC’s team of experts provides training courses in different areas:

  • Standardization of clinical environments through terminologies.
  • Governance and management of content and terminology resources.
  • Adoption and use of LOINC in laboratory environments.
  • Adoption and use of ICD-10 in care practice.
  • Adoption and use of SNOMED CT in the clinical environment.

Other available terminologies