Our beginnings

The business idea arose from the experience of the founding partners in a large reference laboratory, where an unmet need was detected regarding the unification of the nomenclature of clinical analyses.

The great heterogeneity of local nomenclatures that the organization had to handle in order to exchange data with its partners required a high consumption of increasingly specialized resources. The possibility of outsourcing the treatment of this information was identified as a business opportunity.

It was then, that in 2008 two colleagues and experts in the health sector founded BITAC in Barcelona with the aim of simplifying and optimizing electronic data communication between health organizations, using standard clinical terminology.

After validating and making adjustments to the business model in Spain, in 2012 it begins its international expansion by reaching new clients and expanding its reach with foreign investors.

Business expansion

With a wide acceptance in the international market, in 2016 a new challenge is proposed by launching the CTMAP platform (a previous version of ORBITS platform) of codification in SAAS mode (Software as a Service) that with specialized algorithms seeks to adapt the clinical terminology automatically. As it is a scalable tool, it becomes more accessible to entities that present a considerable decrease in their expenses and operation times.

Between 2015 and the present, the company has received prestigious recognitions for its trajectory such as the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, the Innovative SME and being a member of the Barcelona Health Hub where our offices are currently located, demonstrating the reliability of its services, the growth potential and its innovative character.

Additionally, BITAC is co-founder of Bioinformatics Barcelona, a non-profit association that seeks to promote competitiveness in the Bioinformatics and Personalized Medicine sector.

BITAC is also a member of the Laboratory Committee of Regenstrief Institute, the non-profit organization in charge of maintaining and updating the LOINC database.

His extensive knowledge has allowed him to be a leader in the industry and acquire solid exper