First European LOINC conference happening in Barcelona (October 2019)

LOINC conference in Barcelona 2019

As a sign that the LOINC terminology is being adopted worldwide, a First European conference has been performed in Barcelona this October 2019, under the auspices of TICSALUTSOCIAL in Mataró.

More than 75 experts met face to face in the lab committee and were able to discuss several issues related with de development of the terminology

BITAC contributed in the committee talking about LOINC approach for Next Generation sequencing Testing.

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During the workshop , where more than 20 experts from different countries showed their experiences, BITAC also contributed with the following session:

During this session, our product specialist Vicky Berez showed in real time, the performance of our SAAS automatic coding tool, CTMAP, in which one could see how the tool could code automatically a file of clinical lab tests, with the equivalent LOINC codes

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